Jules Pattison

Kaitiaki of Newton Reserve

Kaitiaki of Newton Reserve

Jules and her family have spent holidays and weekends on Waiheke for nearly 30 years, and had a house on the island for 20 of those years. Following retirement, Jules and her partner will move here permanently, about which she is very happy!

She is currently chair of the Kaitiaki of Newton Reserve charitable trust (KNR), whose mission is the revegetation, restoration and beautification of Newton Reserve. Working with other members, she liaises with the local board, orders plants, plans ongoing work in the Reserve, manages the trust’s funds, and coordinates the volunteers who come from Auckland each month to help with weeding and planting.

Since 2006, KNR has planted more than 14,000 native plants and removed weeds from more than half of the six hectare area of the Reserve. The bird life has multiplied, with increased numbers in particular of tui, shining cuckoo, kereru, silvereyes, kaka, and grey warblers, due to the expanded native forest food supply.

“Our volunteers come from all over the world and to me this is how tourism should be – seeing the world while giving back, rather than passively using the planet’s dwindling resources for idle pleasure.

“If making your environment rich with natural splendours is what motivates you, then this is a project you should get involved with. You will have fun with others, get some physical exercise and gain a huge sense of satisfaction.”