New funding opportunity for conservation groups

Auckland Council is offering a one-off grant opportunity for conservation groups to cover essential planning, administrative and project facilitation costs.

Expressions of interest

This opportunity is designed to help community-led Pest Free Auckland/ regional biodiversity outcomes through increasing council’s support for groups (the term loosely includes any entity involved in community-led conservation – organisations, schools, iwi, groups…..) to overcome identified barriers to participation. To do this, we have developed a one year, one-off grant (at this stage) delivered through an Expression of Interest in Smarty Grants with the development of a more inclusive support package for groups that will be ‘co-designed’ alongside other NETR work in the future.

  • Grant name: Community Coordination and Facilitation Grant Programme’ (or CCF for short)

  • The purpose of the grant:

  1. a) Provide funding support for ‘conservation activity’ coordinators or facilitators to be embedded in the community to strategically increase collaboration, capacity and on the ground delivery in priority areas across Auckland.  Needs to be clearly linked to environmental outcomes.

  2. b) Provide funding support for strategic and operational planning, and administrative costs needed to increase the quality and quantity of ‘on the ground’ work.  This helps enable organisations/groups/iwi/schools etc to ‘gear up’ so that they can better access the opportunities arising through PFA, and will help us to have more confidence about what future coordinator/facilitator positions and their groups/orgs etc will deliver.

  • Total value of grant: $300,000

  • Total value that any group is eligible for: $50,000

  • Priority for

    • Projects that occur at a landscape or regional scale,

    • Projects that deliver new (rather than BAU) will be prioritised over others. 

  • Funding available for: 1 year from 1 April 2019

  • Funds allocated via: Funding Agreement

      • will be funded: Work that will deliver Pest Free Auckland/ regional biodiversity outcomes,  including:

        • Administration – activity related to the management of the group or organisation where it relates to the delivery of Pest Free Auckland/regional biodiversity outcomes

        • Developing processes that will help applicant groups to respond more effectively to the expected increased ‘on the ground’ delivery – e.g. writing robust Health and Safety processes / plans, support to achieve charitable status or similar

        • Facilitator or coordinator time – a contribution towards coordinator or facilitator time where it relates to the delivery of Pest Free Auckland/regional biodiversity outcomes

        • Strategic or operational planning – development of Pest Free plans or similar e.g. strategic plans to guide future years programme, business plans, overarching restoration plans for landscape scale projects/programmes (catchment scale or broader)

Key dates:

Opens 10 December 2018

Closes  15 February 2019         

Decision Advised 25 March 2019

Work to occur after 1 April 2019